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Mike Nicholes Trainer Mike Nicholes has earned international recognition as a consultant and seminar speaker. He has conducted hundreds of seminars during the past 3+ decades for more than 46 major vehicle and equipment manufacturers. In addition, Mr. Nicholes has functioned as an in-dealership consultant/trainer (in a seminar mode) to over 11,000 automobile, truck, agricultural, and equipment dealers.

He has been directly involved in parts department and fixed operations consulting and training and is currently placing his programs, without cost, in all the trade schools that have parts training programs; this is done gratis with the trade schools and in training the trainers.

During his career as a consultant, Mr. Nicholes worked with many dealers, and manufacturers, to implement the parts management concept "Beyond EOQ", or source by movement, resulting in greatly improved fill-off-the-shelf to the service department technicians without a significant increase in inventory investment. In addition, he has researched and assisted many manufacturers as a subject matter expert in the area of daily stock order implementation and automatic stock replenishment programs. He hosted a television show called Parts and Profits for the cable network Automotive Satellite Television Network (ASTN), and is in demand as a '20 Group' speaker. He is also has been a frequent workshop speaker at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and American Truck Dealers Association (ATD), the Australian Auto Dealers Conventions, and Fenabrave (Brazilian Auto Dealers Association).

Mr. Nicholes is the author of several publications and articles on inventory management including 2nd Edition; Advanced Inventory Management, a complete 're-write' from past publications and editions that are used in his seminars. The most current manual is Advanced Inventory Management for Increased Customer Satisfaction; 3rd Edition, delivered in CD format.

In 1994 Mike Nicholes Inc was acquired by a major DMS system. That relationship dissolved in 2004 with Mike starting Mike Nicholes Capital Management Inc. to pursue a course on non-endorsing, neutral inventory management training and consulting.

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