Consulting Services

Mike does all work personally, nothing is farmed out!

On-site Training and Consulting

A complete analysis and review of parts department computer programs, policies and procedures. This program includes but is not limited to a telephone-contact retainer for any required assistance, discussion, problem-solving, etc for 12 months. This usually applies to a single dealership, but multiple dealerships can be handled under a similar program.

On-site Inventory Management Seminars

These programs involve a very extensive training program using the dealership's own data which allows the attendees, at the end of the session, to have measured their strengths, weaknesses, and helps them create an outline to accomplish the goals that need to be set to make the parts department as effective as possible in satisfying the needs of the technicians. This program is most effective when parts managers, service managers, general managers and/or dealers attend together.

Group Seminars

Seminars can be held for larger groups of parts managers, affiliated or not with the same holding company, in any place in the world. The expenses are shared by the attendees with a selected single dealership taking responsibility for the logistics and billing. Groups up to 30 people can be handled under this program.

Follow up via GoToMeeting is an exercisable option for all services.

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